fact: Bek was nominated for Melbournian of the Year in 2005 in the category of Youth for her services in volunteering for SYN FM, St. John's Ambulance and the Deaflympics.

Bek Berger is a creative producer and curator based in Melbourne, Australia.


She is currently working with James Batchelor and Collaborators touring DEEPSPACE throughout Europe. 


Over the last two years Bek has worked throughout the UK, New York and Australia. In 2016 & 2017 Bek was the Associate producer of American Realness in New York. Bek assisted Thomas Benjamin Snapp Pryor on all aspects of the festival with particular focus on Artist support and the delegate program. In 2015 Bek was awarded two creative producing residencies in the UK, Fierce Festival and Forest Fringe. Over four months Bek completed extensive research into alternative curatorial practices and festival formats.


In 2016 Bek was invited to attend the Next Generation Curating for Performance Symposium in Chicago where she was able to connect with similarly minded individuals practicing in the US. Bek also attended IETM in Budapest and Amsterdam in order to create a wide network of peers overseas.


In 2014 Bek was awarded an Early Career Residency (Supported by the Australia Council) with Arts House. Throughout a 12 month period she assisted with international collaborations and successfully curated three Supper Club events. In addition to this she established La Discorso, a discussion series about cultural identity in Australia in which she worked with a group of recently arrived refugees to deliver. In collaboration with Dan Koop and Kieran Swann, Bek established Convergence, a day for independent artists to gather and talk about the importance of independence.


Bek s previous positions include Delegate Coordinator at Dance Massive (2017) Special Events Producer at Darwin Festival (2016), Associate Producer at Aphids (2011-2015) , Greenie in Residence at Lucy Guerin Inc (2015), Development Manager at La Mama (2014) and Marketing Manager at Dance Massive (2015).


As an independent producer Bek has worked with TNA, City Of Melbourne, Natalie Abbott, Sisters Grimm, The Hayloft Project, Little Ones Theatre, Chamber Made Opera, I m Trying To Kiss You, Samara Hersch and No Show. 



bek berger


Bek Berger

mobile:  +61 403 911 527  (AUS) / +44 7943 606 832 (UK)

email: bekbekberger@gmail.com